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The simplest app for serial port communication

Roger Meier |
updated on September 19, 2022


It's completely free to use
The learning process is quite straightforward and the app is easy to use
Great for communicating with microcontrollers, robotic kits, servo controllers, etc.


It's difficult to use some keys and shortcuts as they are immediately recognized as input
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Communicating with devices connected to serial ports on your computer is often a complicated job but it's often a must when it comes to connecting to microcontrollers, servo controllers, robotic kits, etc. Luckily, there exists a tool which can make the process a whole lot easier.

CoolTerm is a simple serial port communication tool which can be enjoyed by both professionals and casual users if they need to exchange data with a device connected to some of the serial ports attached to your PC.

When you start the app, you are presented with nothing but a terminal where you can immediately start entering data to be sent to one of the serial ports. It automatically chooses one of the ports by default but you can change it in the Options window.

Everything related to the communication can be set up in Options, including baudrate, stop bits, capture format, the form of the termination string, and many more. More advanced users will immediately know how to edit a few settings to really accommodate the tool to their special needs.

The view can be switched between ASCII and hexadecimal and you can easily clear data, connect and disconnect from the current connection, and open new terminals. Current connection settings can be saved for future use if you are regularly working with similar devices.

The bottom right corner also contains a couple of signalization lights to let you know about the current state of the connection. It's as simple as it gets! The tool is free and is also available for other popular operating systems besides Windows.
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